When we were all home from work and school we talked about missing work. 

Younger Boy had actually done fairly well at bringing home the things that we had put on his list. The only thing missing was his social studies notebook and he didn't have social studies.  He will bring it home tomorrow.

He immediately got started on the homework.  I looked at his assignment notebook and noticed that there were two assignments he had gotten that day.  He did those first so they will be turned in on time and then started on the backlog.

He is now fully caught up in math and language arts.  Admittedly we couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do for science "Create an endangered species card".  Anyone?  Then the only thing left is the Three Religions Essay which he will do tomorrow night when he has his social studies notebook.

Middle Boy...another story.  Most of the missing work was blamed on me.  He didn't ask for help.  I didn't help him.  He didn't know he was supposed to do the assignments.  I was making things up.  That doesn't sound anything like what the teacher told him.

He worked the majority of the evening taking notes on Chapter One and Two of Animal Farm.  Their English teacher makes them take notes on each chapter to make sure they are actually reading it.

Nothing else on the list was acknowledged.  I will keep trying.

Praises for Younger Boy's focus.  Prayers Middle Boy can figure it out as well.

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