This morning I am angry.

Middle Boy is at home, because he threw up and you immediately get sent home from school for throwing up.  Is it legitimate?  I don't think so.  Why do I say that?  This is the SIXTH time in SEVEN weeks.

So...if you add in the adoption day he has missed seven days of school in as many weeks.  His high school has a policy that if you miss 10 days in the semester you automatically fail the semester and have to make it up in summer school.  You can appeal it, but if it comes to that I won't. 

I believe it is either nerves or lack of sleep.  I told him as I drove him home this morning that his bedtime from now on is 8:30PM on weeknights and 9:30PM on weekends.  The only exception is Wednesday when it is 9:30PM when we get home from church.  There will be no exceptions granted for special events.  If it gets over later than that he will either have to leave early or not go.

It makes me SO ANGRY, because I feel this is deceitful.  I'm done playing games.
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