There is something I have found to be a trigger in me like no other when it comes to the boys.

It is the following comment (or anything near it):  "They have never had men in their life to show them."  OR "They need a man in their life."

Okay...I got it.  I don't need to be reminded over and over, but let me tell you what.  If you are a man and you have the audacity to say that to me maybe you should STEP UP or SHUT UP.

I get that I am raising two boys who desperately need a father figure and I KNOW that there isn't one in my home.  I will tell you what IS in my home...unconditional love, grace, a parent who is trying with everything they have to understand the "hard places" these boys have come from, a parent who is committed to helping them be successful, a parent who is committed to helping them be the best men they can possibly be.

It isn't FAIR that you talk like all of those things don't matter.  My boys are different boys today than when they first moved in with me.  That is God.  God put them in my home and gave ME a heart for them. 

I don't see you taking them into your home.  Before you criticize or tell me all of the things they are missing by living with me why don't you ask them?

Sorry for the soap box speech, but I have almost had it.
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  1. DeeDee Says:

    I will stand with you every single day and agree 100% with this!

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