This morning Middle Boy had to wear his JROTC uniform to school.  He has to wear it for the JROTC class period and receives extra credit if he wears it the entire day.

He had himself measured for his uniform with gym shorts on so he would wear them under and make changing easier.  Guess that means he isn't looking for extra credit!

I told him he looked great this morning.  He really did.  He told me he looked like a mechanic.  I'm not sure why he thinks that except for maybe the color of the pants.  Generally speaking I don't think mechanics wear black dress shoes, but I could be wrong.

I didn't check if he had everything to change into.  I'm sure if he forgot something it will be my fault.

I think this will be an every Wednesday thing, but I am not sure since they are on block schedule.  It will make it confusing if it is something else. 

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