This morning while Middle Boy was in therapy Younger Boy and I decided we were just going to wait in the car and read. 

I needed to catch up on my reading for my Bible study and he needs to do 20 minutes of reading and take notes over it every day.  It takes him about an hour to read for 20 minutes.  I know that sounds absurd, but his focus is just not good.

Multiple times I asked him to read.  Multiple times he didn't.  He ended up throwing a HUGE fit which resulted in him opening the door and throwing his book out.  That resulted in him going to the waiting room to read.

When Middle Boy came out he asked Younger Boy why he was reading in the waiting room and he told him he "wanted to".  Ahhh....the "partial story" Younger Boy is so good at.

When Middle Boy got in the car he said "why was Younger Boy reading in the lobby" and I said "because he threw a fit in the car and I asked him to go in the lobby".

Middle Boy called him on the partial story.  Younger Boy insisted he had "wanted" to go to the lobby to read.  I suppose in a twisted way he "wanted" to by behaving completely inappropriately in the car.

Prayers for less fit throwing and more truth telling.
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