Their way of doing homework involves them both working in Middle Boy's room.  They had been insisting that doing homework this way was "much faster" and it was much easier to stay focused.

I gave them one hour like that and set a timer.  I told them that after the one hour they were to bring their completed work down.  Then we would do one hour with them in the same room as I was in while working at the kitchen table.

During the one hour in Middle Boy's room Younger Boy had answered FOUR questions on a science crossword puzzle.  Nothing else.  Middle Boy had read a single chapter in Animal Farm.  You can't even verify that.

The second hour was done at the kitchen table.  Younger Boy finished the crossword puzzle and three math assignments.  Middle Boy read another chapter of Animal Farm and took notes on both.  He also did four science worksheets and a read a short story and answered questions for FACTS class.

After the second hour both boys ADMITTED my way is better.  Now if they can only remember it!!
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