I woke Younger Boy this morning.  He was REALLY tough to wake up.  REALLY tough.

He had his glasses on.

I heard him whining/crying a couple minutes later so I went in to find out what was wrong.  He was now sitting there with no glasses on and crying because he couldn't find them.  What?  They were on his face TWO MINUTES ago.

He was still groggy and was crying about clothes and multiple other things.

He went downstairs where I had put his meds on the table.  I went to see if they were taken...nope.

I asked him if he took his meds to which he answered "yes".  I was standing right by

Then he told me he couldn't remember.

He also told me he couldn't tell if Sophie had water or not and he didn't want to bend down to find out.

It is going to be a LONG day with Younger Boy.
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