Last night we needed milk.  I was tired and didn't feel like going into the store so I sent Middle Boy in with my debit card to get two gallons of milk.

When he returned to the car I asked if he had purchased anything else.  No.

This morning I was reviewing my bank statement online.  Those two gallons of milk cost us $27.36.

I asked Middle Boy about it.  Silence.

He finally admitted he bought something for the Wii, but that he is planning to pay me back. 

Why did he lie and tell me that he only purchased milk?  His response, I don't know.  I was wrong.

This is lying and theft.  You STOLE money from me.

I told him how it looked on my end.  From my end it looks like he thought I would "never notice" and then he would get something he wanted.

I explained for that reason he has lost a significant amount of trust with me.  SIGNIFICANT.

Is her remorseful?  Hard to tell.  If I had to say I would say remorseful he got caught.  Otherwise...I don't know.

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