Luckily Boarder came home from his visit with his parents early due the weather.

That made him available to go pick up Younger Boy in the middle of the night since he is a night owl.

I called Younger Boy to tell him Boarder would be picking him up and to text Boarder when he was just getting to town so that Boarder could meet him at the church.

Younger Boy waited until he was at the church and then was MAD when he had to wait 20 minutes for Boarder to get there.  Hmmm....if he had followed directions he wouldn't have had to wait, but that is beside the point.  Allegedly he did not know they were in town...any town...let alone the town we live in.

Praises for God putting Boarder in our lives to help out with these kind of things.  It has been such a blessing!!
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