Younger Boy has youth group on Sunday mornings during the second service.  Sometimes Middle Boy and I have things to do at church.  Other times we run errands. 

Today was an errand running kind of day.

We had some things to return at Target.  Of course...I try to limit how often I go there, because I could easily come out with $500 of stuff I "needed" but didn't know it every time I go in there.

I did find something I have been looking for.  Outlets that are remote controlled.  Middle Sister's family has some and I have been wanting to find them.  You basically use them to plug things in and then the person with the remote can control power to those outlets.  They use theirs to control the amount of video game time each of their kids has.  I think their rule is that you have five minutes to save once you have been requested to stop or the power just gets cut off.

We also took back some shoes I had purchased in error.  Don't ask how one purchases shoes in error.

It was a good errand trip.  We got a lot done.
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