Today's sermon at church was written specifically for our family.  There is NO QUESTION we needed to hear it.

Today's topic was "Beyond Anger Management" was about how words can harm and hurt more than anything else.  You can even listen to it.  Beyond Anger Management

It was about toxic words.

We have a lot of anger in our home.  In the past I don't know that I would have said that I was necessarily angry.  God has revealed to me that I am absolutely angry. 

I have a lot of toxic words directed at me every day.  For a very long time I didn't fight back, but if I am truly honest I do fight back now.  Not every time, but sometimes I do and I am harsh.

We all need prayers for our anger.  I need to be a good example for the boys.  I need God's help to hold my tongue and to also speak life giving words into these boys.  They have had plenty of toxic words directed at them over their lifetimes.  I don't need to continue the trend.
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