The boys worked hard today so we had a family game night tonight.

The boys wanted to play Apples to Apples.  It is more fun with more than three people, but we had a good time.

Younger Boy doesn't know ANY of the famous people in the game and was giving completely absurd answers which were really making us laugh.  It was a good teachable moment though, because we got to talk about who each of the people were and what they were famous for.  We talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Amelia  Earnhardt.  We talked about Katherine Hepburn.  We also had a vocabulary session.

We also learned that you could put whatever card you wanted with Younger Boy, because he had NO IDEA what he was choosing.  It was a good way to get rid of "bad" cards.

As a result Middle Boy and I didn't have much trouble figuring out who played which card.  If it made sense generally it was one of us and if it didn't it was usually Younger Boy.  Maybe Apples to Apples Junior would be a good Christmas gift for Younger Boy!

Praises for good laughter and a fun family night.
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