I called Middle Boy to tell him I was on my way home to gauge his anger level.  He was still screaming at me and hung up on me.

I called back and he was even more angry.

When I got home I asked...almost begged...him to talk to me.  To tell me what on earth was going on, because my question should not have warranted this kind of behavior.  That it was really extreme.

He told me I ruin his days.  The reason he hates going to school is I ruin his mornings on the car ride there by asking if he had his homework with him.  He will just handle it.  It's none of my business.  Because I do this I am the worst parent he has ever had.

I asked him to tell me what a good parent does, because I thought maybe he and I have differing opinions.  I asked him to explain it to me since in his opinion I am really bad.  What is it he is looking for in a parent?

All he said was someone to listen.  I asked about caring?  Loving?  Providing?  Holding accountable?

Apparently now I was just being a jerk.

He announced he would no longer be talking to me and he was going to go into "lock down" emotionally.

At that point I just had to give up emotionally for a while.  Honestly I can only take so much.  Some days more than others.

Prayers for relationship.  Ours is broken.  I am hurt by his words and actions today.  Right now I honestly don't feel like forgiveness.
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