Middle Boy is angry.

All I did was ask him what is going on in math.  He said nothing. 

I told him I got an email from his teacher saying he was too disruptive in class and is on the verge of being kicked out of the class.  I told him the two of us are going to have to meet with the teachers.

He came unglued.  After a series of texts I got the most profane text I have ever gotten from him.  I don't even feel comfortable posting what it said.

Here is the last sentences though...

You have just earned hell bitch.  Good luck now.

I called Therapist L to ask her what to do.  To ask her opinion of this unwarranted burst of anger.  She was shocked.

She advised me to call the police if he got out of hand.

She also told me that they have been addressing anger and intimidation in his therapy and he swears he doesn't do it.  She thanked me for the example.

Pray for calmed anger and the ability to talk about what on earth is going on.
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