Tonight we watched the presidential debate.  At one point Younger Boy said "All I think about this is that it is just a bunch of talking."  Pretty accurate.

It opened a bigger discussion though about who I was voting for and why.  We talked about democrats and republicans and which I am.  We talked about the registered voters in our family and what political party they are affiliated with.

We talked about Obama and Romney and their beliefs.  We talked about how there were fact checkers after the debates, because not everything they talk about is 100% accurate...on either side.

Somehow we got on the topic of abortion.  I think Younger Boy just asked what is was.  Middle Boy explained it to him as I listened in.  It was interesting.

During the discussion about getting guns off the streets it was very interesting to listen to Middle Boy's opinion on the topic.  Both candidates were talking about education.  Middle Boy thinks they are completing missing the mark.  His view is that neither of them have ever lived in that situation so how can they really know.  How do they know what will make a difference?

Younger Boy fell asleep long before it was over.  Middle Boy wanted to hear what the analysts had to say after.  He loves politics.

He asked me if I thought Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt would have been good presidents in current time.  They are his favorites.  I can't remember why.

I love watching both boys learn.  They are both smart and are learning to be confident and articulate.
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