This morning we were running REALLY late.  REALLY SUPER LATE.

I got up at the same time I usually get up.  I woke both boys up at the same time I always get them up.

Younger Boy didn't get out of bed.  Not until I went back in after I had showered.  He should have still had plenty of time.  He can't get dressed and get his shoes on in the amount of time it takes me to shower, dry my hair, curl my hair, and get dressed.

Middle Boy was moving, but slower than usual.  He is the one that FREAKS OUT if he is late.  It is a trigger for me, but not nearly what it is for him.

Luckily he was able to recognize he was the last one ready this morning.  He was able to recognize he got up at the same time as usual.

Prayers for better mornings than today.
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