Younger Boy had therapy this morning.  We talked about homework again.  We talked about the kooky stories when he forgets things.

We talked about the poop throwing.  Therapist C was pretty tough on him.  She told him she doesn't know ANYONE who has ever thrown poop or had poop thrown at them in real life.  (I'm guessing this isn't probably technically correct since she works with highly traumatized kids, but it is probably true in her home life). 

She asked him why he did it.  He said he was "upset".  She told him that upset doesn't make you throw poop.  She asked again.  She said it seemed to her that throwing poop could only be a result of being "I'll show you, mad".

We talked about why he would have been so angry at Babysitter J when she asked him to take a shower.

FINALLY we got to the bottom of it.  Something we suspected, but no one had ever said.  Younger Boy was abused in the shower as a young child.  He is scared to shower.

We talked over and over through how it is safe to shower in our house.  How NO ONE will go in the bathroom when he is showering.  How there are plenty of bathrooms in our new house that even if someone had to go to the bathroom "really bad" they could go somewhere else.

It also occurred to me as we are were talking that at home Younger Boy waits to use the restroom until it is nearly a crisis.  I asked about it.  He said he is just scared to go in the bathroom at all.

This BREAKS my heart that there is SO MUCH TRAUMA that he is fine going to the restroom anywhere, but is scared at home.  It has NOTHING to do with who lives there or the house itself.  The thought is just "it is not safe to use the restroom at home".

Prayers for healing.  Praises for knowing so now I can understand and we can figure out strategies to help.
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