Middle Boy and I did science homework tonight.  The entire time I kind of wished I had paid a little better attention in both high school and college chemistry.

It was not without a struggle to do the homework. 

What I learned is that he was supposed to have taken notes in class on a matrix and was supposed to be using that to do the homework.  When I asked to see the matrix he was reluctant to show me.  I soon understood why.  He had written exactly THREE words on the entire matrix.  THREE.  I asked about it.  He started to get mad.  I said, "I am not mad.  I am trying to understand."  He told me he gets distracted easily.

I asked if the textbook (where he was supposed to get the information) is online.  He thinks so, but he didn't write that down either. we are with this worksheet and THREE words to go off of.

Luckily I was able to find a periodic table online to help us through the majority of the assignment.  Tomorrow I will be emailing the teacher asking about the textbook being online.

Prayers for homework with Middle Boy.  I am willing to help and trying really hard not to get frustrated with him when he doesn't do his part at school.  Prayers for wisdom and compassion for me as we navigate the school year.
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