Tonight Younger Boy remembered he had to survey 30 people BY TOMORROW.  He has had the assignment for a week, but he just remembered to bring it home today.  Last night...would have been easy.  There are literally 1,000 people at our church on Wednesday nights.  Some of them can't read yet, but we could have still found thirty.  We aren't having a large gathering.  Our neighborhood is new so there aren't 30 people there.  So here is what I posted on Facebook.

Younger Boy has to do a survey of 30 people.   He isn't the best at planning so I am hoping 30 of you will help us out. It is opinion...

Here's the question... The Taliban forced these laws and more on the people of Afghanistan in the 1990s. Rank these from 1 to 5 with one being the worst:

Women couldn't go outside without a note or a man with them.

Women couldn't go on a bus without a man with them.


Men or women couldn't go outside after curfew.

Men had to have beards.
Fifty people stepped out to help us out of a jam.  Interesting answers all of them.  Some I would love to hear the thinking behind.
I am so thankful for friends who will help us out.  I was dreading going to the grocery store to ask random strangers!!
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