Something I forgot which came up at Younger Boy's therapy session.

Therapist C asked him if he "deserved" nice things.

She listed a bunch of things:
  1. A warm bed.
  2. Clean clothes.
  3. To have your body be clean and smell good.
  4. To have a nice haircut.
  5. To look nice.
  6. To have new shoes.
He actually doesn't believe he deserves these things.  He said it is because he is a "bad" kid.  She told him over and over that no one thinks he is a "bad" kid, but that sometimes he makes mistakes.  She didn't even talk about bad choices, because that can be interpreted as a bad kid and really mistakes covers it.

It saddens me to think he doesn't even feel like he deserves some of the basic necessities in life.  It does kind of explain why he sleeps on the floor and dresses in dirty clothes and wears clothes that clearly don't fit.  It is all about self esteem.

Pray he can understand what God thinks of him and how God sees him.

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