I knew this was going to happen, because people had told me it would.  I had naively told myself it was going to go smoother for me.  I just knew it would.

Nope...I was wrong.

I started getting calls on Monday about lack of insurance coverage for the boys.  I got more today.

They were covered by Medicaid when they were state wards.  As part of my subsidy they will continue to be covered by Medicaid.  Not the same account though and the transition is not smooth.

So...right insurance coverage.  Technically their new Medicaid should have started on adoption days, but it isn't in the system yet. I am to field and make calls about why when they cancel the other one the worker doesn't just start the new one.  Why it could take up to TWO MONTHS to get the new cards and numbers issued.  Discuss why I will not pay in the interim since they are in fact covered, but stuck in red tape.

The therapists are reasonable.  They have been down this road before.  We can straighten it out when I get the new numbers.  The psychiatrists...same thing.  Pharmacy...whole different ballgame.

We take psychotropic meds.  Psychotropic meds are CRAZY EXPENSIVE without insurance.  We can't just stop and wait for our insurance to catch up with us.  I imagine (again in my naive world) that I can just pay it and then file a claim once I have the new numbers.  I hesitate to think about that.

I should have stocked up on the meds as best I could.  Some are controlled substances so I have to have a hand written prescription every month.  No way to stock up.

Prayers this is straightened out soon.  Prayers for meds to last until it is straightened out.  Prayers for wisdom in how to address this with the state in the future.

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  1. Penelope W Says:

    Our Stinkpot was finally approved for Medicaid coverage. I have only 30 days to drop him from my insurance. I know I won't get Medicaid card within 30 days. Lovely!

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