During our errand time I took Middle Boy to get a haircut.

This has been such a source of discussion in our home for a couple of weeks.  Him worrying about what it will look like.  Him complaining about what it currently looks like.  Him not wanting it to be too short.  You name it.  I have basically kept my mouth shut.  Honestly to me it nearly always looks EXACTLY the same with the exception that it is too long right now.

We went somewhere for the first time.  Since it was his first time there he got a hot towel steam and a neck massage.  He opted out of the neck massage.  I imagine he was concerned about an abuse flashback.  I am glad we had the conversation the other day, because I would have encouraged him otherwise.

She cut his hair into an actual style.  Thank you!!

He LOVES it.  She put some product on it and was VERY PATIENT with his million questions about how to do his hair to make it look the way she did.

He really liked her and wants to go there every single time.

Praises for making this a good experience and for Middle Boy loving it.  He was SO EXCITED.
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