We did end up going out for an anniversary dinner.

It was an interesting process how the location was chosen.

What I have noticed recently is that if asked where he wants to have dinner Younger Boy has two if I tell him fast food and one if I tell him something else.  He NEVER chooses anything else.

At first I thought he REALLY LIKED these two places.  Now I am not so sure.  What I think is that he knows that Middle Boy and I also like those places and he works so hard to people please that he can't even form his own opinions.

I asked him to pick somewhere else since this was "special".  He FROZE.  He ended up enlisting the help of Middle Boy.

So...we went to a place that Younger Boy might not even like, because Middle Boy suggested it and Younger Boy was FROZEN.

It ended up being fine.  He loved his meal.  LOVED IT.

Happy Anniversary Younger Boy!!

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