All I can say is SUCKED.

All day I have dealt with emotional turmoil from Middle Boy.  Everything has been a trigger.  EVERYTHING.

I am leaving on my work trip tomorrow.  He doesn't want me to leave, but he can't even articalate that.  Instead it is coming out in a million other ways.

The culimnation was him standing in the entry-way SCREAMING "You always leave.  I thought we were a forever family."

Abandonment runs deep here.  My hands are tied.  I have to go on this trip for work.  I have to leave.  I will come back.  I know you are heard it before and it has been a lie.  I know you don't trust a word I say...not a single word.  I will come home.  I really will.

Pray for us...this day has been so emotionally very hard.
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