Tonight we went and purchased Valentines Day cards for Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandma.

The boys must have had a light bulb moment while we were out, because when we got home they asked Boarder if he would take them shopping for gifts for their "girlfriends" and for a "secret person".  I wonder who that could be?

He was so nice about it.  I'm not sure where they went.

They both came home with small stuffed animals to give their girlfriends.  Purchased with their own money. 

I was looking and the gifts and asked a question about the one Younger Boy bought.  It is a little black puppy holding a red heart.  The red heart says "kiss me".  I asked about it.  None of the three of them noticed it.  BOYS.  We were able to cut the heart off to avoid HUGE EMBARRASSMENT for Younger Boy who was mortified.  Of course the other two couldn't quit laughing about it.

Middle Boy bought a white stuffed dog with a red heart collar.  He did inspect it pretty closely after the "kiss me" incident Younger Boy had.  It was deemed acceptable.

Now...if they just remember to give them the gifts.
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