Middle Boy has to do a project for his FACTS (life skills) class.

The project is about budgeting.  It is an interesting project.  I am helping.

Basically they are supposed to look at their life when they are 30 years old and then figure out their expenses.  They are supposed to figure out what their dream house and car are.  They figure out all of the expenses on a monthly basis and then look at the career they have chosen and what a person in that field makes after about 5 years of experience.


Of course Middle Boy thinks it is stupid.
He wants to be a therapist.  He tells me that after 5 years they make $150,000 per year.  I tell him he is wrong.  I ask what their starting salary is.  He says about $40,000.  I tell him that after five years I think it will be more like $50,000 then.  He said "no, my teacher said it doubles each year".  I MUST HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR THE WRONG EMPLOYERS ALL ALONG.

He finished up his monthly expenses portion of the budget.  He needs to bring home $6,700 per month...after taxes.  That would be a salary of something like...$120,000 per year...give or take.

Clearly he has done the project all wrong.  There is no way just living costs that much.  He didn't put in anything he wouldn't NEED.

Then he has to adjust to what he would actually make with the job he wants....REALITY CHECK.

This part is REALLY STUPID...according to him not me.

This whole thing is due in two weeks.  It is a good exercise.

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