Middle Boy can't go to therapy this morning because he "has no clean clothes".  Not one pair of pants in the whole house.  NONE.

I KNOW this is not the case.  I was gone less than a week.  I did ALL of the laundry before I left.  Unless there was a LARGE problem with dirty clothes in the interim there are PLENTY.

BUT...I was irritated.  So I told him to shower and I would swing by Walmart, Target, or Kohls to get him something to wear.

I wasn't gone for five minutes when he called to tell me the "no clean clothes thing" was a lie.  Really?  I wouldn't have guessed.

He was tired and didn't really want to go...that was the real reason.

I told him to suck it up.  It was an hour.  It is his responsibility and it is non-negotiable.  I would be home to get him in 15 minutes.

Weirdly I am proud he admitted to the lie and was also able to tell me the real reason.  It doesn't make it any less frustrating, but it is more transparent.

Prayers for continued honesty.
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