Therapist L is quitting at the end of the summer. 

Essentially that means Middle Boy has until the end of the summer to finish his therapeutic program.  There are no others in the state anymore for the same reason Therapist L is moving.  Medicaid stopped paying for this therapy.  The state doesn't want the responsibility.

So...INSTEAD everyone needing this type of therapy will be required to go out of state.  I'm certain that will save the state some money (ahem).

Therapist L told Middle Boy there is NO REASON he can't finish by the end of the school year.  He is sure he can.  My fear is that he won't remember it when it is actually time to do the work.

I'll miss this lady.  She has been good for him.  No nonsense, don't give me that crap, good.  Christian counselor good.

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