While Middle Boy was in therapy this morning I went through his text messages.  It is part of our agreement for him being allowed to have a phone.

It didn't start off very well.  He is supposed to give me the password to unlock his screen.  I had it for a long time, but he recently changed it and didn't tell me.  Not really a big deal...likely an innocent mistake.  So...I had to go in and have him unlock it.

Item two...swearing via text.  We have discussed this multiple times.  No swearing or even alluding to swearing.  It makes me ill how much of the text language contains swearing.  Not good.

Item three...repeatedly blaming things on me via text to "girlfriend".  Allegedly I told him last night he "had to go"  right now.

When he got back to the car I asked about it.

He was remorseful about changing the password.  It was an honest mistake. 

He claimed anger for the swearing.  We discussed whether you are angry or not swearing is not an option.  He apologized and said he deserved a consequence.

Blaming me to girlfriend.  He didn't see it.  Apparently that is how everyone ends text conversations whether it is true or not.  He then tried to claim that he said it because he and I had agreed he would be done texting at 10:30PM.  When I pointed out the text was sent at 11:10PM he told me it must be computer error.

From here it escalated.  In a major way!!
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