Sometimes the triggers can't be explained.  They results come seemingly out of nowhere.

Today was one of those days.  I think it was a result of being fearful about money, but I really don't know.

Middle Boy was in a "mood".  He was not feeling part of the family and was concerned about money.

He thought he was causing me to "spend too much" and since he isn't part of the family he EMPTIED his room of everything I had purchased.  EVERYTHING.  Furniture, clothes, EVERYTHING.  He moved back in the things he had moved in with him or purchased with gift money.

At some point he realized that I had actually purchased his room and that he couldn't sleep there.

It was totally irrational.  There is NOTHING I can say or do when he is like this.  I just have to ride it out and figure out the "big feeling" that is going on.

This one took a couple of hours.

Then I helped put his room back together and assured him that I love him.  I love him.
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