Middle Boy is so on edge.

He has been arguing most of the day with his "girlfriend".  His story is that she wants him to call her "too much" and she never has anything to say.

It is frustrating him.

He went outside and shot baskets tonight to get some of the frustration out and then we talked.

We talked about how when you are frustrated you need to talk about it, because frustration can easily become anger and then you say things you don't mean.

We talked about choosing kind words even in frustration, because words hurt and once they are out you can't take them back.

This is progress.  He recognizes frustration.  He doesn't want it to become anger.  He is trying to figure out why it frustrates him.  That will be the hard part.

I'm praying for him.  I am praying he can be kind and hear opinions of others.
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