This morning as I reflected on the speaker last night so many things from the past year came flooding back.

I wouldn't necessarily classify my past year as "suffering", but it was hard.  In very many ways hard.

I thought about my dad and the whole situation with him.  How he went in for a simple surgery and nearly died.  More than once.  How through that I was able to clearly see the hand of God on my family. 

Moving to a new home and selling our old home.

The adoptions.

Middle Boy's emotional health.

Younger Boy's emotional health.

Starting a new division at the company I work for.

Trying to hold it all together as a single parent.

It hasn't been easy.  Some of the things she said last night spoke to me in ways I would have never understood before this past year.

Thank you God for allowing us to suffer so that we can have a clearer picture of you.
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