The escalation was ugly.  So ugly.

I was attempting to try to hold him accountable for three fairly minor things.  He came unglued.

He swore at me.  He told me I suck as a mom.  I am unfair.

He can't do anything right.

I should get over myself.

He doesn't have any friends.

He may as well die.

He can't do ANYTHING right.  Not one thing.

I don't love him.

He should move out.

Maybe he would have been better off if he had died during the abuse.

I don't know how to be a "real" mom.

I don't care that he is trying in everything.  He is too stupid to get good grades.

He doesn't need my help.  WITH ANYTHING.  Especially not his past.

Flooding out.  So many things. 

I have cried more tears of frustration and sorrow with Middle Boy than I have cried in my whole life.

He is so angry.
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