I hate RAD...there...I said it.  OUT LOUD.  I HATE RAD!!

Every Tuesday and Thursday Younger Boy stays after school for their tutoring program.

Every Tuesday and Thursday he calls me THREE TIMES to remind me he has tutoring and I need to pick him up. 

I have NEVER forgotten to pick him up.  I have never even been late...NOT ONCE.

We talk about it EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY how I will pick him up and he doesn't need to call me, because I will remember.  I promise.

If I don't answer he keeps calling until I do.  I "have" to talk to him at least THREE TIMES about this topic or he isn't convinced.

I want him to stop calling.  I want him to trust me.  It is turning into my issue as well, because honestly sometimes it makes me mad.  REALLY MAD.

I have talked to Therapist C about it.  I am trying to just "roll with it".  It is hard.  She told me about another kiddo who freaked out every time his mom came to daycare to pick him up, because he was convinced she was going to take someone else home instead.  They never did convince him.  That was three years ago and he is still positive she is going to forget him and pick someone else up.

I HATE RAD.  I hate what it does to these kiddos.  I hate the situations that caused it.

Father...I pray for healing...for all of these kiddos.  For attachment, for trust, and for bonds to be formed...especially with you.
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