On Wednesday nights we are always in a rush. 

I get home from work in time for us to leave for youth group.

Usually we have time for a quick bite either at home or while in the car on the way there.

Tonight was different.  We had some extra time so we went to dinner with Coach Z and the S, the camper I used to mentor and she mentors now.

S knows both of the boys because they go/went to the same middle school.  Plus we give her a ride home every Wednesday night.

Dinner was interesting.  They get along almost like siblings.  They all show off a little bit, but it absolutely isn't any kind of flirting.  More of a friendship thing.

It was nice to have dinner with them.  The boys got to show her "the best BLT EVER".

Coach Z...thanks for meeting us.  We had a blast.  Let's do it again some time!!
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