Younger Boy was up all night.  Not his usual up all night where he wakes me a couple of times, but an up all night in which I was a full-time participant.

He coughed and hyperventilated and screamed and cried the majority of the night.  He was certain he was going to die.

There was nothing I could do to comfort him.  The interesting thing is that while he didn't really want me, he kind of did.  He stood/sat/lay outside my room with his screaming and coughing fits.  He didn't want to come into my room, he didn't want me in his, and the couch in the family room was a no go.  Outside my bedroom door.  That was the appropriate place.

He can't/won't be comforted.  I felt completely helpless.  I spent a lot of time in prayer, both silently and out loud.

Praying for rest and for healing...not just physical, but emotional as well.
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