The visit with biological sister was good.

I enjoyed her and her fiancee a lot.  They brought their 8-month old little boy who is ADORABLE and looks a lot like Middle Boy.

Middle Boy thought he has seen her recently.  He hadn't.  The last time was when he was 9.  He is 15 now.

He got the opportunity to hold his nephew and play with him.  He got to ask questions about all of the relatives he has lost touch with.  He got to talk about his mom.

I found it interesting, because he only talks about this sister, but there are three other kids in that family.  This sister is the oldest and she is 24.  There is another sister who is 21 and brothers who are 22 and 17.  He never mentions any of them.  It makes me wonder why.

He did ask about them and looked at pictures of them.

He wants to go to the wedding.  Bio Mom is invited, but Sister says that she won't remember to come, because she is still an addict.  This sister is the only one who still has any communication.  All the rest have cut Bio Mom out of their lives.

I think we will try to make it.  These people are our family.  We are going to try to meet up with them regularly.

It makes my heart happy for him that he was able to see her.
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