This morning we had a planning meeting for the teen camp I volunteer at.

I am so conflicted about this camp.

The meetings irritate me to no end every single time.  There has not ever been a single decision made at one of them.  At least none come to mind.

I'm sure the other people think I am an obstacle spotter or heartless at the meetings, but I want to think about the population we are serving.

It will never work to have some of them do something and others not.  Are you wanting a disaster?  More free time?  These kids all operate in survival brain.  Give them more free time and you are just asking for it.

At one point I actually said, "Camp applications go out in less than a month.  At this rate we are going to have to do EXACTLY what we did last year."  That's me...throwing it out there.  Blunt and letting people know what I think.

Before the end of the meeting I was texting Coach Z telling her I am done doing this.  She can cover for me from here on out.

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