A while back Therapist C and D suggested it might be best for us if we did homework at a neutral location, because then it would make our home more about connecting and relationship. 

Rarely does any form of this fit into our schedule, but tonight it did.

So tonight the boys did homework at a coffee shop while I did my homework for the theology class I am taking.

They actually did pretty well.  They stayed focused and both of them did work.  A lot of homework.  In fact most everything that was missing got done.

Middle Boy even asked if we could do this more often.

Yes, we can.  We will try to make it work.

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  1. DeeDee Says:

    I love this idea...may I use it too? We have a couple of places in town the boys would love to go & I always thought it would be more of a distraction then a help. I love all of the suggestions I get from you!

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