Today I got an email from Therapist L.  She wanted to meet with me tonight before Middle Boy's session.  This will infuriate him.

I met with her for about 15 minutes.  We talked about how he is doing in terms of behaviors at school and home.  It is her job to figure out his dysfunctional cycle and since I spend the most time with him my input is valuable.

He has been telling her there are no issues at home and he is going great in school.  Does he live in an alternate reality?  He is missing a TON of assignments in school.  Things are not great at home.

So she does every so often...she asked the "usual" questions about home and school with me in the room.  You could visibly see his anger level skyrocketing.  BUSTED.

She asked him the six types of abuse and to define them.  She asked if he thinks he uses any of them at home or in school.  The six types are verbal, emotional, mental, physical, sexual, and social.  He said he uses verbal, but only at home.  I disagree.  He uses verbal, mental, and emotional at home and mental at school. 

This sent him over the edge.  Therapist L actually got to see his meltdown and process him through it while I waited in the waiting room.

When he came out he walked right past me and to the car.  She marched outside and got him and had him come in and talk to me.  Tell me he was done with therapy and ready to go.  To get him to do that he was VERY DISRESPECTFUL of her.  It was UGLY.

Great....a great night it what we are in for.
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