Grades were posted last Friday for both boys.

Not horrible, not great.

I sometimes wonder if Middle Boy has a complete lack of self awareness when it comes to grades.  He told me just last week he is doing "fine" in everything except CAD where he is failing.

Nope.  Has an A in CAD and is failing JROTC and Science.

He did make up his math quizzes that "weren't missing" this afternoon and turned in all missing science so he shouldn't have an F there. can you fail that?

Younger Boy is 200 pages behind in reading.  He is mad at me because the choices are he can either read 20 pages or 20 minutes per day.  I chose 20 pages for him, because it is concrete and you have to actually do it.  Twenty minutes is far more subjective.

I'm starting to hate school.
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