During the second session, after reviewing with Therapist C, Therapist D decided to take it back to the basics with Younger Boy.  He is constantly walking around trying not to get in trouble.  Spending every ounce of his energy trying to figure out what others want him to think, say, or do.  Never thinks about his own feelings and opinions...has NO IDEA what those are. more opinions in therapy.  Just facts.  Back to the basics.

We defined trauma this morning.

Trauma - an event that happens to use which causes bodily harm or upsetting thoughts

We talked about some examples. 

Spilling milk - not a trauma
Breaking a bowl and needing to get stitches - a trauma
Forgetting to do homework - not a trauma
Car accident - trauma

We talked about how trauma can give us thoughts that aren't right about ourselves.  Breaking a bowl could turn into "I'm so clumsy.  I should never use bowls.  I can't be around glass.  I screw everything up."

We talked about some of his trauma and what thoughts he might have.  He was actually able to identify a few.

His thought is "I am bad.  I am stupid.  I mess everything up.  No one should want me."

We talked about how those are stuck in his brain and getting in his way.

It seemed like he was starting to catch on.
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