Today we only had therapy with Therapist C.  It was interesting.

I was able to share with her the story about coughing/hyperventilating/not wanting to be comforted.  She was not surprised.

I also shared with her the way Younger Boy insists on eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  All crammed into the same hour if need be.

He still isn't sleeping like he should be.  She decided to "get tough" with him.

When he came in she asked if he was tired of talking about sleeping.  He said, "not really".  She said, "Well, I am.  I am this close to recommending your mom sits in your room until you go to sleep at night.  EVERY NIGHT.  You are just doing this to be a stinker."  No remorse...just an "ok".

Then we talked about trust.  She asked about the coughing episode.  She said, "how did your mom get your attention?"  He said he didn't know.  She told him to think, because he does know.  He said, "yell?"  She asked him why on earth after I asked him to calm down and sit down and breathe in a bag did it come to me having to scream in his face to calm down.  She asked if he thought that was weird.  His reply, "maybe a little".  She explained to him how it shows that he doesn't trust me.

Then we talked about him wanting to eat breakfast and lunch before dinner on the day he woke up at 4:30PM.  She asked what he was doing at breakfast time...sleeping.  What was he doing at lunch time?  Sleeping.  When he woke up was he hungry?  Yes.  What was it time for?  Breakfast.  She asked him to think.  What is he doing on "normal" days at 4:30PM?  Getting home from school and getting ready for dinner.  Then why would he need breakfast then?

She told him she knows that if we had gone somewhere that night he would have told his friends that I "didn't let him" each breakfast or lunch that day.  He admitted that was true. 

She asked if there have ever been meals I didn't let him eat.  No.

She again showed the lack of trust.

She asked him to lean against me.  He couldn't do it.  It was AWKWARD.

Long way to go toward attachment.  Our homework.  He has to initiate sitting next to me on the couch each night for 15 minutes.
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