Younger Boy's conferences really weren't as bad as he had led me to believe they were going to be.  I think he was kind of relieved.

Both his science and reading teachers talked about the importance of telling the truth and being trustworthy.  All of the teachers talked about his "respectfulness and kindness toward others".

They all talked about his "spaciness" in class.  As his mom I know it is the dissociating.  I asked them to tap him on the shoulder when they noticed to try to help ground him in the present.

His language arts teacher knows some of his story.  He is also the one who notices it the most.  This teacher emails me a lot asking how things are going at home and asking if there is anything they can do to help.  His social studies teacher does the same.  They also continually remind him he is a good, smart student.

Somewhere those two have learned some trauma-based teaching skills and I really appreciate it.

I was pleasantly surprised by conferences.  Younger Boy was almost shocked.  It is hard for him to hear he does anything well.

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