Today we found out Younger Boy and I will have two sessions per week at the Attachment and Trauma Center.

M's response was "You have a lot of time to fit in two more therapy sessions per week, right?"  She followed it up with "It will absolutely be worth it."

Tonight I was talking about it with the boys on the way home.  We don't know yet who are counselor is going to be.  I did tell Middle Boy that his guidance counselor at school is actually one of the five therapists at the center.  Immediately he said "I'm not going then."  I explained that he isn't starting there until September or October and he will be in high school then. 

He went on to tell me that he has been working really hard to bond and attach to me and that he doesn't want therapy to ruin all of the hard work he has already done.  I told him I was excited about the opportunity to make it even stronger and better with the help of someone else.  He thinks they will screw it all up.

I absolutely give him credit for the effort he is putting in.  Quite honestly for him it is the trauma piece that he needs more than the attachment piece.  For Younger Boy it is both.

Praises for being "officially accepted" to the center.  Prayers for soft hearts that are open to healing and help.
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