Tonight at 1am I got a call from the police asking if there was a stabbing at our home.  Since I was awakened by the phone call I was a little confused.  I told them I needed to check. 

I got up to find Middle Boy sleeping and Younger Boy wandering around the house.

I told the police everything was fine and no one was injured.  I asked why they had thought that and they said they got a call from a concerned party and were following up.

Almost immediately after hanging up we got a call on our home phone from one of Middle Boy's friends wanting to know which hospital Middle Boy was at.  I am still confused by what is going on so I asked her why she thinks Middle Boy is in the hospital.  She said she had called the police.

Well...apparently Younger Boy came into my room while I was sleeping and got Middle Boy's phone from the area where it charges.  He proceeded to text three of Middle Boy's friends to tell them that he had been in an alley behind our house and had been stabbed.  Allegedly he was on the way to the hospital in really bad condition.

All of the phone calls woke Middle Boy so he asked what was going on.  Of course he was furious with Younger Boy.  Not quite as furious as I was. 

Apparently being in trouble yesterday for sending texts wasn't quite enough for him.  He needed to do something much worse.

He needs help.  I can't stay awake all night supervising him.

Pray we can get Younger Boy the help he needs.

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