Today I was reading the following blog:

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

There was something that struck a chord with sticking with me.

When behavior makes you want to retreat, take that as your cue to engage.  Restoration love isn't threatened by sin, it's activated.  When you take a step towards pouring out what you don't have, He pours in.  Give them the love your flesh can't conjure.  Give them the love that requires His overshadowing.  He will suprise you.  I promise. 

This is powerful.  I often times find myself wanting to lock myself in my room or get in the car and drive.  Anything to get away from these two.  I need to engage instead.

These incidents are not accidents and the heart-pain they reveal in you is bigger than your circumstances.  As He heals the orphan heart, He is healing yours, too.  Both are on His radar.

Last night after all of the yelling in a quiet before sleep moment I told Middle Boy that he is in my life to heal me.

Slow down.  pour out to Him; He can handle your chest-heaving cries.  And recieve.  He has gold for you in this season.  And that gold is a greater depth of communion with Him.

And, finally, tell the story.  His story.  His final word is never doubt, despair or destruction.  the testimony of Jesus is being written on your watch.  Speak it out as such.  When you get the look of pity from a friend who doesn't quite understand your pain, tell her you are blessed, because you are.

These are not your worst days, these days are fodder for a work that will leave you forever changed.

Perspective is everything.

I am blessed.  Blessed to be the mom of Middle Boy and Younger Boy.  Blessed beyond belief.
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