Everytime something goes well there is someone or something in the system which makes things difficult.  More difficult than they need to be.

After we were given approval for the attachment center I emailed Service Coordinator S to tell her.  She sent me back the following reply:

"We can only do this if you are 100% committed to adopting Younger Boy.  I'm not sure they will start since you have stated you want to put the adoption on hold, but I can ask.  This is one of their requirements.  He has to be in a permanent placement."

She obviously COMPLETELY ignored the fact that I told her we had been accepted for services at the center.

When M got a copy of that email she came UNGLUED.  This would again be Service Coordinator S trying to pressure me into an adoption before we are ready.  It makes her numbers look good if I adopt now.  Same with GAL.

Of course now the supervisor of Service Coordinator S is involved, because my agency is up in arms.  I thought we would go at least a month without having to get her supervisor involved in something.  I was wrong!

Prayers Service Coordinator S will stop being a stumbling block and start being an asset to the team.
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