Tonight Middle Boy had therapy.

On the way there I again asked him if he had his homework for therapy done.  He told me that he hasn't had homework for a couple of weeks.

When we got to the therapist's office he didn't take his assignment notebook in.  I stopped him and told him he forgot it, but he said he didn't need it.

I had decided to just sit in the car for the hour and read so I was in the parking lot.  The therapist came out and asked if I knew where his notebook was and I handed it to her.  She gave it back and said she was going to squash his behavior.

About five minutes later he came out and said the therapist wanted me to join them.  I went in and she called him out on the lies.  She told me that he has 3 or 4 assignments per week and that he should be done with 15 of them by now.  He has done two.

She asked me if I had any questions.  I asked him point blank why he lied directly to me on the way to therapy. 

He immediately started talking about how he didn't know what he was supposed to do and I didn't specifically say therapy homework so he didn't know what I was asking and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The therapist stopped him, because one of his first lessons was on being evasive versus being honest.  She asked him to point out all of the evasive techniques he used to explain himself with me.  He couldn't think of any.  She came up with four...lying by omission, smoke screening, using technicalities, and blaming others.

Wow...eye opening for me.  She gave me the sheet identifying what they are talking about and asked me to start pointing it out when I notice them.

She explained that the three of us are a team and we all need to know the game plan.  She then went on to say that if one of us is a ball hog we won't win.  I think he got the analogy.

Praises for a GREAT therapist.

Prayers for understanding on the part of Middle Boy.
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