Today I got a call from Mom J about Older Boy.  He has been having behavioral issues that are escalating similar to those he exhibited around the time he left my home.

He has also added a new behavior of refusing to eat and then telling the staff at his school that Mom and Dad J are starving him and that he wants to file a complaint.  The school alerted Mom and Dad J to this so now they are taking a picture of him at every meal sitting with his arms folded refusing to eat with his plate of food in front of him.  After each meal they send the photo to both the school and Service Coordinator.  This does NOT make him happy.

He told Mom J today he can act however he wants to act, because if they put in their notice he is just going to move back in with me. isn't.  The reason he doesn't live here is his level of required care is more than a single person can handle.  That hasn't changed.

He has been told on multiple occassions his next stop is a developmental group home.

Prayers for Mom and Dad J and their work with Older Boy.
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